Can Laser Hair Removal Allow Me to Quit Shaving for Good?

Hair-free skin without the hassle is possible. Thanks to laser hair removal you can give up shaving and waxing and maintain silky smooth skin. No more mess from shaving, pain from waxing, or irritation from plucking.

While shaving and waxing are the most traditional ways to remove hair, these approaches are inconvenient, time consuming, costly, and provide brief results. Before you know it, the hair returns, and you have to do it all over again.

Our team at Laser Bar and Spa is dedicated to helping men and women look and feel their best. Specializing in laser hair removal, we use the state-of-the-art Cynosure® laser suite to safely and effectively remove unwanted hair. You can look forward to virtually painless hair removal, leaving you with smooth, silken skin.

Ditch the inconvenience with laser hair removal

Shaving removes the hair above the surface of the skin, making for a tiresome routine since hair grows back quickly. Waxing is a common alternative to shaving, and while it rids you of hair for longer (typically 3-6 weeks), it’s painful and inconvenient. What’s more, waxing requires the hair to regrow at least ¼-inch before you can have it waxed, leaving you with periods of itchy, unsightly hair between each wax session.

With laser hair removal you can say goodbye to redness, nicks, ingrown hairs, itchy skin, and red bumps.

How does laser hair removal work?

Cynosure is the leading laser hair removal system. This powerful laser treatment addresses unwanted hair in multiple areas. including the face, underarms, legs, back, bikini area, chest, and more.

Treatment involves using a concentrated laser energy to disrupt hair follicles in a targeted area.

Hair pigment absorbs the laser energy so that the light travels down the shaft of the hair and into the hair follicle, destroying it. Once the follicle is destroyed it can no longer produce hair.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

Laser hair removal provides long-term hair removal. Hair growth is complex; it follows a pattern of resting, growing, and shedding. Not all follicles are in the same phase at the same time. Some follicles may be in the resting phase, while others are in the growth phase.

Because of this unique cycle, a series of treatments sessions are required to destroy all the hair follicles in the treatment area so that you’re left with long-term hair removal. Patients notice thinner, finer hairs growing in the targeted area until hair stops growing altogether. Skin will remain smooth and hair-free once all follicles in the target area are treated. 

What is a laser hair removal session like?

Your comfort is our top priority. You may receive numbing gel for treatment areas where the skin is very sensitive. The target area is cleansed before treatment. As you sit or lie comfortably, the target area is held taut as the skin is treated with the laser. 

Patients often describe the laser as feeling like the skin is being snapped with a rubber band. Most patients tolerate the treatment just fine. Depending on the size of the area being treated, a laser hair removal session can take 5-60 minutes.

Am I a good candidate for laser hair removal?

The Cynosure laser is versatile, allowing our team to treat all skin types. By choosing specific wavelengths, we can even treat clients with darker skin and coarse hair. This makes most people good candidates for laser hair removal.

That said, it’s important to schedule a consultation with our team to determine if you are a good candidate for laser hair removal.

If you’re ready to throw out your razors, our team will work with you to create an individualized treatment plan so you can enjoy smooth silky skin. Call our New York City to schedule a consultation today.

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