Can Laser Hair Removal Permanently Stop My Chin Hairs from Growing?

Can Laser Hair Removal Permanently Stop My Chin Hairs from Growing?

Unwanted body hair, such as in your armpits or on your legs, can be aesthetically embarrassing, but nowhere is it more so than when you sprout hairs on your face. To get rid of all those hairs, you’ve probably tried shaving, waxing, and depilatories, only to have the hairs start growing back in again, sometimes by the next day.

The expert technicians at Laser Bar and Spa understand your frustration with hair removal, which is why they offer the FDA-cleared Cynosure® Elite+™ laser hair removal system. With a few quick treatments, you can permanently rid yourself of those pesky chin hairs, and the hair on the rest of your body, too. Here’s what’s involved.

What is laser hair removal (LHR)?

Lasers take a single wavelength of light and project it in a narrow, focused beam. When we direct the hair removal laser at the treatment area, the melanin pigment in the hairs absorbs the light and converts it into heat energy, which damages the hair follicles and prevents or delays new hair growth.

Laser hair removal only works on hairs in the active growth (anagen) stage, which is about 20% of the total amount. That means you’ll probably need multiple sessions to ensure we destroy all the hair follicles.

Lasers are generally most effective for people with light skin and dark hair for two reasons: Dark hair has the highest concentration of melanin, so it absorbs the most laser light. Conversely, light skin contains less melanin, so the laser doesn’t damage the skin that surrounds the follicles. New technologies, though, have made laser hair removal more effective for people with darker skin, and that includes the Cynosure Elite+.

LHR also isn’t as effective for light hair colors, such as gray, white, blond, and red; however, manufacturers are working to overcome this obstacle.

Which areas does LHR target?

The most popular areas for hair removal include:

Essentially, you can remove unwanted hair from just about anywhere on the body. The primary exceptions are the eyelids and the surrounding area, as the light could damage the eyes. Also, it can be difficult to remove any hair within the borders of a tattoo, since the inks can also absorb the light.

Post-treatment considerations

LHR treatments are discreet and don’t have noticeable side effects. You may experience slight redness following the session, but it should fade quickly. When you’re finished with all your sessions, your skin will appear smooth and clear.

You won’t need any downtime following LHR, but there are a few things you should do. Avoid sun exposure for several weeks afterward, as your skin will be extra sensitive to ultraviolet rays. If you normally use scrubs, glycolic acid, or retinol creams to improve your complexion, avoid them for two days before and two days after treatment. But bring out the moisturizer, as the treatment can leave your skin a bit dry.

In addition, avoid chemical peels for a few weeks and tanning products for about two weeks, or whatever period our technician recommends.

Bothered by those chin hairs but don’t want to commit to the time and pain of shaving, waxing, or plucking? Laser hair removal might be right for you. To learn more, or to schedule a consultation, call Laser Bar and Spa in Koreatown, Midtown West, New York, New York, at 646-386-7562, or send us a message online today.

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