How Many Treatments Will I Need with Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a great way to get rid of unwanted body hair for good. Because of the way your hair growth patterns nat

If you have unwanted body hair on your arms, underarms, legs, face, back, or bikini area, laser hair removal is a great way to get rid of it without the hassle of shaving or waxing. Instead of cutting or plucking hairs as they grow in, this procedure lets you address the problem at the source, permanently stunning your hair follicles so that the unwanted hairs don't grow back. At Laser Bar and Spa, our care team offers expert, convenient services from a Herald Square, New York City office. Here's what you need to know about the laser hair removal treatment process.

Quick appointments, minimal downtime

During laser hair removal treatments, we target the specific hair follicles that continually grow and regrow your unwanted hairs with pulses of light. After we stun a follicle with our safe precision laser tool, it no longer produces hair. With laser hair removal treatment, you can get rid of stubborn unwanted hairs for good.

The length of your appointments will depend on the size of the area you want treated. A larger treatment area will mean longer treatment sessions. You might need as few as five minutes or as long as an hour. You shouldn't have any downtime, although it's a good idea to be gentle with your skin and avoid contact with direct sun or hot water until you recover. You'll need to avoid tanning and certain medications before and during treatment, as well. Our care team can discuss the needed skin care routines when we put together your laser hair removal treatment plan.

At Laser Bar and Spa, we use a specialized Cynosure® laser tool to target your hair follicles, while still protecting your unique skin type and tone, using a cooling air stream to keep you comfortable while the treatment works. Patients typically feel a slight stinging sensation while the laser works, similar to the feeling of being snapped repeatedly with a rubber band.

A few weeks or months for lasting results

Your hair naturally grows in cycles that last for about four to six weeks. Because of this fact, a single treatment session won't give you complete hair removal results. As you heal from each treatment, follicles that didn't experience the laser effect begin to produce hair in their turn. With repeated treatments, we can completely stun all of the follicles in the treatment area. Eventually you won't see any regrowth at all, or only a few fine, sparse hairs returning after an extended period of many months.

It may take from five to seven sessions for you to completely be able to realize your aesthetic goals. Your skin will need a few weeks of downtime between treatment sessions to recover, and you need to let new hair grow in, as well. Your first treatment typically removes 80% of the hair from the treatment area, with subsequent sessions getting your results up to just about total. In just a few weeks or months, you can permanently erase unwanted body hair and say goodbye to shaving, waxing, or plucking routines.

Our care team at Laser Bar and Spa can help you put together a treatment plan that takes into account factors like your skin type, desired treatment area, and scheduling needs. To make your initial consultation appointment, call our Koreatown, Midtown West office in New York City, New York today, or use the online booking tool at your convenience.

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