I'm Ready to Be Done with Shaving My Underarms Forever: Can You Help?

I'm Ready to Be Done with Shaving My Underarms Forever: Can You Help?

You can microwave a family-sized meal in a matter of minutes, order a latte with a few taps on your phone, and pay for anything and everything with a simple swipe — so why are our hair removal methods stuck in the dark ages?  

Let’s face it: Constantly having to remove unwanted body hair makes us want to pull our hair out, and until recently, your only options for getting your underarms silky smooth were to pluck, shave, or rip. 

Enter laser hair removal. 

At Laser Bar and Spa, our advanced laser treatments help our patients break free from time-consuming, painful, expensive hair removal methods. 

Here’s everything you need to know about what to expect. 

Your hairy problem

Those furry patches under your arms are inconvenient at times, but they offer a few benefits. For instance, the hairs in your pit are capable of trapping odor that contains pheromones, a naturally occurring chemical that plays a role in sexual attraction. And one study claims that natural musk could help you land a mate.   

Leaving your hair to grow as it pleases may also help prevent friction and other annoying issues like skin tags. 

But the benefits stop there. 

Unruly armpit hair is an eyesore, and though pheromones might, on some level, increase sexual attraction, trapped odor is hardly something you want to include in your dating profile. 

Traditional hair removal methods struggle to get all the hair, and they usually leave behind stubble and/or irritated skin.   

Thankfully, there’s another option: laser hair removal.  

Not your mother’s hair removal 

Instead of cutting your hair short or temporarily ripping it from the root, our lasers target the melanin (or pigment) in your underarm hair. This process destroys the hair and disrupts the hair growth cycle at the source.  

The result? Less hair growing back and less time spent tending to your pits. As a bonus, our laser treatments don’t cause painful bumps and ingrown hairs. 

Before, during, and after

Before you arrive, you can shave your underarms, but be careful not to wax or pluck — the lasers need some visible hair to work effectively. We also recommend that you avoid sunbathing and tanning beds to make sure your skin isn’t irritated when you arrive.   

Most patients report a mild pinching sensation and some heat during their treatment, but overall, laser hair removal is a safe and well-tolerated procedure, especially if you’re used to painful waxing sessions. 

For the most sensitive areas, we can apply a topical numbing agent to make sure you’re completely comfortable.  

Once you’re done, you’re free to go, but you may have some redness and tenderness. Take care to keep your underarms protected from the sun and moisturized. Your skin heals within a few days, and you’ll notice that less hair or thinner, finer hair grows back. 

Depending on your needs, you can see us for maintenance appointments to keep your underarms silky smooth for the long haul.   

Ready to see what modern hair removal is like? We’d love to talk with you. Call or click to schedule an appointment at our New York, New York, office today. 

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