No More Painful Ingrown Hairs: One More Reason to Love Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hair can leave you feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious. And removing it can be such a chore! Shaving takes time and has to be done every few days, and waxing is sticky, messy, and not to mention incredibly uncomfortable, especially in the hot summer months. Plus, with waxing and shaving, you get ingrown hairs, which are definitely not a thing with laser hair removal! 

With laser hair removal, you can permanently remove your hair, after just a number of sessions, depending on your needs. You can enjoy the freedom and ease of permanently smooth and hairless legs. There’s a reason that laser hair removal is in the top 5 nonsurgical cosmetic procedures.  

At Laser Bar & Spa in Koreatown, Midtown West, New York City, we’re here to provide you with the most innovative and luxurious med spa care! And that’s why we’ve compiled this helpful guide to the many benefits of laser hair removal.  

What is laser hair removal?

A permanent method for removing body hair, laser hair removal uses a powerful machine that delivers a controlled laser through a hand-held wand. We use this wand to target your hair follicles, effectively damaging them and keeping them from growing hair again. 

The laser is gentle and safe enough on your skin, but still effective. The treatment might provide some minimal discomfort, much like mild pricks, but we can use targeted cool air from the wand and ice packs to minimize your discomfort during the procedure.  

The benefits of laser hair removal 

Yes! No ingrown hairs indeed. Because laser hair removal damages your hair follicles, they’re effectively kept from regrowing hairs that then grow back into your skin. Laser hair removal has many other benefits, too.

For one thing, the procedure is fast. Sessions don’t normally take more than an hour to an hour and a half to complete, and that’s if you’re doing your whole face and body. And results are immediate. You’ll notice the hair removal starting to work after the first session. 

According to the Mayo clinic, people typically need between 4 - 6 hair removal sessions for permanent results, with maintenance sessions recommended every six months for a period of time, depending on your unique hair growth and hormonal characteristics.  

Experience the freedom of smooth legs!

Ditch the razor, toss the wax, and experience the freedom of having effortlessly smooth skin and absolutely no hair to worry about. Start now, and you’ll be smooth and beach-ready just in time for summer! Call us to make an appointment for laser hair removal today! 

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