Understanding the Health Risks of Shaving

Understanding the Health Risks of Shaving

Shaving. Whether you’re a man or a woman, odds are you’ve spent hours every month on this endless chore, adding up to years of your life. What you may not have realized is that in addition to the constant time drain, shaving can be doing harm to your body and posing a health risk.

At Laser Bar and Spa, located in Herald Square, New York, New York, our team of expert providers offers affordable, effective, and efficient laser hair removal treatment options to give you the smooth, hair-free skin you desire.

The health risks of shaving

Shaving seems like such a routine endeavor, but something you do every day can and does pose risks to your health. Here’s why you should ditch your razor and choose laser hair removal instead. 

1. Chance of cuts

Obviously, a major risk of shaving is that you can cut yourself, even with so-called safety razors. Shaving around the ankle or along the jawline can easily lead to a slip of the hand, and then you’re frantically digging through the medicine cabinet for a styptic pencil or scrabbling for pieces of tissue paper to stanch the flow. A bad cut can leave a permanent scar.

2. Chance of razor burn

A sharp razor poses a threat of cuts; a dull razor can cause just as much irritation in the way of constant burn. Using a dull razor over sensitive skin can abrade the skin. The groin and armpits are prime vectors for chafing, itching, and further discomfort.

3. Chance of ingrown hairs

A pimple in an obvious place is bad enough. An ingrown hair can be a million times worse, and can even turn into a painful cyst if not promptly treated. Ingrown hairs can be unsightly as well, making a planned-for date night an exercise in using concealer instead.

4. Chance of infection

Unless you change your razor every time you use it or have a full sterilization protocol, odds are you run the risk of contamination with bacteria that can be transferred to your skin the next time you haul out your shaving supplies. Even with a new razor, contaminants on the surface of your skin can enter the body through a small abrasion.

5. Chance of allergic reaction

It’s not just the razor that can pose a danger; the shaving cream or soap you use can also irritate your skin or cause an unwanted reaction, like redness, rash, a burning sensation, or even hives. 

A better way to remove hair

At Laser Bar and Spa, we use state-of-the-art Cynosure® laser systems to safely and effectively remove unwanted hair, relieving you of the need to shave once and for all. Laser hair removal is usually performed over a series of visits, with hair growing back more sparsely and more slowly each time, until your skin is permanently smooth.

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