What Is Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

You love your body and you love to show it off. You pride yourself on your sexy lingerie and bikinis and would like to showcase them without the danger of pesky, stray hairs pushing through, marrying the line, and creating a bristly, scratchy environment.

If you’ve tried removing the hairs from your bikini line and vulvar area yourself, you may be frustrated with the pain of wax, the danger of shaving, and the constant need for touch-ups. A Brazilian laser hair removal solves these problems and more.

At Laser Hair Removal & Medical Spa — a family-owned boutique spa in Koreatown, Midtown West in New York, New York — our aesthetic experts recommend Brazilian hair removal with our state-of-the-art CynoSure® lasers. Here’s what Brazilian laser hair removal is, and why it might be the best option for you. 

Take it all off (or not)

Like a Brazilian wax session, a Brazilian laser removal treatment has the goal of removing excess, scratchy hairs from your bikini line, vulvar area, and around your vagina and anus. You decide just how much you want to (permanently) remove.

You may opt for full removal, which will take away all of your unwanted hairs. Or, you could leave a small strip on the pubis region, or a delicate triangle. The degree of bareness and the shape of whatever hair you do want to keep is up to you.

Just let us know ahead of time what your ideal intimate area looks like. Our professionals have the expertise to make it happen.

Zap hair at the roots

If you’ve tried waxing or shaving, you know what frustrating processes they are. Waxing is painful and can even sometimes cause you to bleed. And just when you’re finally acclimating to your smooth, fresh look, the little hairs start to grow back and you must schedule another waxing session.

Shaving runs the risk of cutting yourself severely and isn’t even recommended on delicate areas, such as your labia. When the hairs grow back, they’re stubby, scratchy, and unattractive.

The CynoSure laser, in contrast, directs its energy to the root of the hair, inside of your follicles. The heat destroys the follicle so that it can’t produce new hair. 

Once your hairs fall out after your laser session, they can’t grow back the same way. A few follicles may produce scant, thin, and soft hairs after many months, which is why annual or biannual touch-ups are recommended.

Be bikini ready every day

No longer do you have to keep tabs on your bikini growth and go through the uncomfortable phase of letting hairs get long enough for the wax to coat and grab them. Your laser-smooth, hairless, and fresh bikini line and intimate area stay that way for months at a time. 

Instead of a monthly trip to the spa for a waxing session, you can head to the mall or to a lunch date with friends. After you complete your cycle of six-12 removal sessions, all you’ll need is a semi-annual touch-up to stay smooth and hair-free for life.

Prevent bumps and ingrown hairs

Brazilian laser hair removal is the only hair removal method that won’t create the pain and disfigurement of ingrown hairs. Because the laser destroys the follicle, hairs usually don’t regrow. In the few cases where some stray hairs do regrow because the follicle hasn’t yet been totally destroyed, they come back softer and finer. 

Your entire bikini and the intimate area are free of hairs and free of bumps. You can also rest easy, knowing you won’t accidentally injure yourself with a razor or too-aggressive waxing session.

Throw out your razor and trade in the wax for a permanent, beautiful, and silky intimate area with Brazilian hair removal today. Call our friendly staff at 646-386-7562 or send us a message online. 

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