What Parts of My Body Can I Remove Hair with a Laser?

If you’re looking for a permanent solution to unwanted hair, it’s time to look into laser hair removal. Removing hair with lasers can give you smoother legs or arms without having to dedicate your time and money to shaving and waxing.

Here at Laser Bar and Spa, our providers offer laser hair removal for both men and women who want to get rid of unwanted hair. If you’re considering laser hair removal, you’re probably wondering what parts of your body can undergo treatment. Keep reading to find out.

Why choose laser hair removal?

There are plenty of reasons for you to consider laser hair removal. The most common reason is that laser hair removal can permanently impact your hair follicles. This makes it so new hair can’t grow back in the targeted area.

Laser hair removal can also save you time and money. Just think about how much time you’ve spent shaving or plucking unwanted hair. How many trips have you made to the salon for waxing? It all adds up.

Instead, you can have that hair removed here at Laser Bar and Spa in as little as three treatment sessions. With lasting results, you won’t have to worry about shaving, plucking, or waxing again.

What parts of my body can laser hair removal treat?

Laser hair removal can safely remove hair on almost all parts of your body. Some of the more common areas are the legs, arms, and underarms. Here are some other areas that respond to laser hair removal.


The idea of a laser being used on your face may frighten you, but laser hair removal is completely safe to use on some areas of your face. Many people have the area above their lips treated. You can also remove facial hair on your cheeks, chin, and your sideburns.

When it comes to removing hair on your eyebrows, it’s better to keep plucking or waxing them. While laser hair removal can remove eyebrow hair, it may not be the safest option, as the light from the laser can affect your vision. 

Bikini area and legs

The legs and bikini area are two of the most common body parts treated with laser hair removal. And, it’s a better way to prepare for beach season. 

No matter how careful you are, you can still end up with razor bumps after shaving. Maybe even a cut or two. However, with laser hair removal, you can keep unwanted hair away and have smoother-looking skin. 

Back and chest

For men who prefer a smooth, hairless back or chest, laser hair removal is the way to go. It’s also a good option for men who don’t want to completely remove their hair. Laser hair removal gradually breaks down your hair follicles. As your hair grows back, it comes in much thinner than before.


If you’re one of the many people who have dark hair, you know how much it stands out in your underarm area. Instead of shaving your underarms, which can result in ingrown hairs or razor burn, zap them away with laser hair removal treatments.


Having some arm hair isn’t always a big deal, especially if you have thinner or lighter hair. However, for men and women with thicker and darker hair, even the smallest amount of arm fuzz can stick out. Laser hair removal is a great solution to this problem.

Remove unwanted hair with the Cynosure® laser

At Laser Bar and Spa, our providers use the state-of-the-art Cynosure® laser system. It’s pain-free and comfortable.

The TheCynosure® laser targets the melanin in your hair, which heats it up and breaks down your hair follicles. After a few treatment sessions, your hair follicles can’t produce new hair.

To learn more about laser hair removal, contact Laser Bar and Spa by phone or use our online scheduler to book your appointment.

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